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Naturopathy uses a holistic, science-based approach to using natural methods as treatments for mental and physical healing.

About Naturopathy treatment

Disease occurs when the body is out of balance. The symptoms of the disease signal that the imbalance exists and requires attention and care. Naturopathy treatments are focused on helping patients regain that balance, which is done by creating a path to healing with the goal to return to a healthy state of being.

When scheduling an appointment, our qualified naturopathic professionals will evaluate your unique health situation through a one-on-one consultation. Alongside with your provider, you will work collaboratively toward discovering the root cause of the suffering and devise an individualized prescription for care.

 It is up to you to listen to the signs and schedule an appointment. It is up to us to listen, provide recommendations and treatments, and oversee your journey.


New Patient Naturopathic Consultation (1 hour – Telemed) – $250

During the appointment, our naturopathic doctor will take a detailed medical history and perform a physical exam to assess your current health status and identify any underlying health concerns. She may also order laboratory tests or other diagnostic procedures to help identify any imbalances or deficiencies.

Dr. Abbott will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that may include dietary and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, or other natural therapies. The goal of the initial appointment is to establish a comprehensive understanding of your health needs and goals, and to create a roadmap for restoring balance and promoting optimal health and wellness.
Follow-Up As Needed (30 mins) – $100

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Weight Loss with Semaglutide Consultation (30 Minutes – Telemed) – $150

This consultation includes assessing your eligibility for weight loss treatment using Semaglutide, a prescription medication that reduces appetite and increases feelings of fullness. The physician provides education on medication and healthy lifestyle practices.

If eligible, the medication can be ordered through a local pharmacy by the patient. Follow-up appointments can then be scheduled as needed.
Follow-Up As Needed (30 mins) – $50

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Neurotransmitter Testing Consultation (30 Minutes – Telemed) – $50

This consultation with our naturopathic physician will determine if you’re a good candidate for neurotransmitter testing. Our goal is to help by addressing any imbalances in your neurotransmitter levels.

Neurotransmitter testing measures specific chemical messengers that regulate mood, behavior, and cognitive function in the nervous system. Imbalances in neurotransmitters can cause various conditions, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and chronic pain. By identifying these imbalances, healthcare practitioners can develop targeted treatment plans to alleviate symptoms.

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Neurotransmitter Testing Follow-Up (1 Hour – Telemed) – $150

Based on your individual needs, our physician will order the appropriate tests, which are an additional cost paid directly to the lab company. Once we receive your test results, we’ll schedule an hour-long follow-up appointment where the doctor will go over your neurotransmitter testing results and create a unique treatment plan based on your needs.


Hormone Balancing Consultation (30 Minutes – Telemed) – $50

Our initial consultation is to determine whether hormone balancing is needed based on your history and to order the appropriate labs to assess your current hormone status.

Hormone balancing testing is conducted to identify any hormone level imbalances that may be causing a person’s symptoms. By measuring specific hormone levels, healthcare practitioners can determine the root cause of a patient’s symptoms and create a more personalized treatment plan.

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Hormone Balancing Follow-Up (1 Hour – Telemed) – $150

During an hour-long follow-up appointment, we’ll review your lab results with you and provide an individualized treatment plan, which may include a prescription if warranted.

Please note that labs and prescriptions are an additional fee.


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