As of December 1, 2019, the state of Arizona now only offers digital versions of issued mmj and DA cards. Sun Valley Health realizes many patients actually want a physical plastic card. If you would like us to print you a hard plastic card copy of your Arizona MMJ or DA card, please complete this form, upload the PDF version of your card, and complete the payment. We’ll work on your card right away and will mail it directly to you. Typical, but not guaranteed, processing time is 5 business days.

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We cannot print your card without you first uploading the PDF sent to your email by the state. If you did not receive your PDF via email, you can read helpful instructions here to access your patient portal.
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    By submitting your information and payment below, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

    • I understand that this is not a requirement to access my medication.
    • I understand that Sun Valley Health cannot guarantee that my printed card will scan at every dispensary. Technology in scanners varies greatly between dispensaries, and although Sun Valley Health tests cards extensively for broad use, we cannot guarantee that every scanner will work with the image provided by the State. If your card does not scan, the dispensary can still serve you by using your patient number printed on the card.
    • I understand that Sun Valley Health is not affiliated with the State of Arizona and does not have the authority to issue patient mmj or DA cards. I understand and acknowledge that Sun Valley Health is simply printing my Arizona State issued authorization on a hard plastic card at my request.
    • I understand that although Sun Valley Health will attempt to help me if I have difficulty obtaining my PDF authorization from the state, it is my sole responsibility to receive and upload the document to Sun Valley Health and understand that Sun Valley Health will not refund my payment if I fail to upload the necessary document.
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