Creating an ecosystem for alternative health

We are building a customer-centric future, with access to groundbreaking alternative and immersive therapies, across the globe.

Providing clients with “one-stop shop” alternative health solutions

Our four-part scalable (revenue) model provides clients with “one-stop shop” alternative health solutions, on their terms.

Scaling Services with Technology

Sun Valley Health provides access to alternative healthcare solutions wherever and however people need them, in-person and online via our telehealth portal.

Credibility, Reputation & Compliance

Successfully operating in the public markets and managing alternative health clinics in 5 states for over 10 years, Sun Valley Health has connected 85,000+ patients with over 100 physicians. All treatments are HIPAA compliant with state and federal regulations.

Safe & Effective Alternative Treatments

There have been incredible developments in psychedelics and psychedelic therapies in recent years. Sun Valley Health is providing spaces for these powerful treatments to be administered.

National Reach via E-Commerce

E-Commerce has grown significantly since Covid-19 and with more people buying online than ever, we will leverage our existing community, Alternative Medicine footprint and marketing experience to drive online sales.

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