We follow medical board guidelines and Arizona law so that your approval is legal, ethical and defensible in court. We make the process of obtaining your card as simple as possible:

Step One: Schedule Appointment & Access Your State Portal

Call us at 623-847-6652, email us, or walk-in and start your evaluation process! We will answer any questions you have and describe the evaluation process to you. We will also explain the need for a medical record documenting your qualifying condition. As of June 3, 2020, the Arizona Department of Health now requires all applications to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program to be uploaded via the patient’s private and secure portal on azdhs.gov. Prior to your appointment, we help guide you in the creation or access of your state portal page. Details can be found here.

Step Two: Meet The Doctor

When you come in for your appointment with the doctor, she will review your records, discuss your condition and history, and describe the proper use of medical marijuana and answer any questions you have. If you have a qualifying condition, the doctor will complete the Arizona’s Physician Certification Form, necessary paperwork for the following two steps.

Step Three: Same Day Submission

Immediately after your appointment, we will take your picture for your card, take a copy of your Arizona Driver’s License, and upload your paperwork to Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program. Be aware that if you do not have your portal access created by the time of your appointment, we will not be able to upload you the same day and will need to wait until you have provided your portal information to us.

Step Four: Get Your Card

Arizona Department of Health Services no longer prints a physical MMJ Card. You will be able to access your digital card in your state portal page. You will need to present the image of your card either on the screen of your cell phone or print out a paper copy of that image so dispensaries can scan the bar code and confirm patient status. Sun Valley Health offers card printing for patients that prefer a durable plastic identification card. Details for card printing services can be found here.

All Arizona MMJ Cards Are Now Issued For 2 Years

Due to COVID-19 and the recent state application changes, the Department of Health’s typical processing time is now approximately 5 days.