Ketamine Therapy

As an alternative therapy, ketamine therapy can change how the brain works and break through loops that may be blocking progress when treating anxiety, depression, and pain.

About Ketamine treatment

Imagine exploring the world through a different lens – one you never used before.  

That lens allows you to see the world from a new perspective and explore your thoughts, ideas, and address past trauma. That is often the phenomenal experience patients have when undergoing ketamine treatments. 

Your journey begins with a telehealth consultation with our doctor. She will listen to your goals and medical history, discuss the benefits and safety procedures related to the treatment, and determine if you will benefit from ketamine therapy. 
For those proceeding with treatment, receiving the prescription is simple, with a secure delivery of sublingual tablets directly to your home. With safety as top priority, you will need a responsible adult with you when taking the medication and your first therapy dose is supervised by the physician via telehealth. The process combines the comfort of your home with the safety of proper medical supervision. 

Step 1: Meet with the doctor to learn about the treatment and discover if you are a candidate for the therapy. The consultation fee is $50. The fee will be refunded to you if the doctor determines the therapy is not safe for you. For all others, the consultation fee is applied toward your therapy fee total. 
Step 2: Read and agree to instructions and sign up for your subscription plan with your debit or credit card. The three-month ketamine physician supervised therapy with medication totals $1350, billed monthly for three months. Your consultation fee is applied to the total and the remaining payment is split over three months at $433.33/month. 
If you have a discount code, the patient coordinator will apply it to your subscription plan and will adjust your monthly charge accordingly.

Step 3: Your prescription typically arrives 5-7 days after your subscription agreement begins. Once you receive your medicine, you will schedule your first ketamine therapy session with our doctor. She will again provide instructions, answer any questions you have and also give instructions to the responsible adult you’ve chosen to help you. Your first ketamine therapy is important to confirm safety and therapy response. 

Step 4: Meet with your doctor for a telehealth appointment two weeks after beginning your treatment and respond to weekly questionnaires. This allows the doctor to monitor your progress and confirm your safety. Make sure to meet with your mental health providers during the treatment if you are suffering from depression or anxiety. 

Step 5: After your first three-month therapy finishes, you’ll have another telehealth appointment with our physician. At that time, she will discuss your therapy results and discuss any suggestions for treatment in the future. 


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