Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy

As an alternative therapy, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy treatments can change how the brain works and break through loops that may be blocking progress when treating anxiety and depression.
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About Ketamine treatment

Imagine exploring the world through a different lens – one you never used before. That lens allows you to see the world from a new perspective and explore your thoughts, ideas, and address past trauma. That is often the phenomenal experience patients have when undergoing ketamine treatments.

With health and safety at the forefront, ketamine treatments are personalized for each patient and performed under supervision in a safe, controlled environment. The treatments are known to offer relief for patients, specifically for patients who have not responded to traditional treatments, experiencing anxiety and depression. Ketamine treatments can offer a new way to activate your mind and offer a sense of relief, clarity, and as some patients report, “lift the haze” from their viewpoint.

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