Gain a new perspective with alternative therapies

At Sun Valley Health, our alternative medicine programs and community support your mental and physical wellbeing journey by offering alternative and natural treatments provided through high-quality patient care. Safely and comfortably, our community is changing how patients seek and receive effective healthcare.

Immersive therapies with safety top-of-mind

Science-backed treatments for people with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, and other mental and physical conditions.

Cannabis Certification

Sun Valley Certification Clinic - Arizona

At Sun Valley Health, we provide professional, compassionate, and private evaluations for patients seeking to legally obtain an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card. All of our physicians are licensed and in good standing with the Medical Board of Arizona.

Deep experience with Alternative Medicines and technology

With a history of serving the Alternative Medicine community, Sun Valley Health connects patients with well-qualified licensed physicians and alternative healing practices. Our professionals listen, recommend, and administer treatments with the highest level of care and professionalism.

Access to new treatments, anywhere in the US via the magic* of telemedicine

By leveraging technology, we use telemedicine to safely and securely offer care, advice, education, intervention and monitoring to patients across the US.